What follows below is text that was written by Derek E. "Boe" Boeve,
but to some extent it was read
at the American Legion Sauls-Bridges Post 13 membership meeting on 10 May 2007 by Rick Clevenger. 
The text as drafted by Boe was not all read at the meeting, though a copy approximately like the one
below except that the last sentence was torn off by Boe, was provided for the Post 13 minutes.  Anyone
wanting to see the motion as exactly incorporated into those minutes, please contact Post 13.  In
addition, the minutes might refect a motion by someone other than Rick.  Rick read this text or
substantially this text, but as I recall it, then someone else said "so moved".   Rick did not include in
what he read, at least the last sentence. - Richard White, 16 May 2007

To the board of directors as the governing body for The Membership of Sauls Bridges post 13

New Business;

Whereas, on September 1st. 1987 a lease agreement was executed
Between Sauls Bridges Post 13, The American Legion, Inc and
The Vietnam Veterans of America, chapter 96 Inc.

Whereas, the lease agreement period began on September 1st, 1987
And would be in effect until September the 1st of the year 2007, where
At the end of the lease term the two parties hereto may renew said lease
with terms and conditions agreeable to both parties.

Whereas: All conditions of the lease agreement between Post 13 and VVA have
been faithfully Performed and executed within this 20year period between the two parties,
Whereas the intent and purpose of these two parties was to enabled the two organizations

Together to continue our service to our Veterans, our State and Nation by allowing dissimilar
War period veterans, with mutual desire and similar agendas and goals, a
Place to lawfully hold, under our bylaws and agreement our meetings, social functions,
Providing a place to continue our advocacy for veteran issues and affair’s, has been accomplished
with mutual respect and consideration, satisfying our original agreement.

Whereas: The Big Bend Chapter 96 of The Vietnam Veterans of America Inc.
Desires to continue its’ service through a renewal of it’s’ lease of the “Hootch”
with Sauls-Bridges Post 13 of the American Legion.  Details to be agreed upon
by both parties Set forth in the original lease agreement.  

My Motion:

I move to renew Sauls Bridges Post 13 of The American Legion’s lease agreement with the Big
Bend Chapter 96 of The Vietnam Veterans of America. That the new lease agreement be
written and ratified by vote of the American Legion Post 13 board of Directors, then submitted
for vote and approval of its’ membership and that this lease action is to be completed in a timely
fashion between Sauls-Bridges Post 13 and The Vietnam Veterans of America. This agreement
will then be presented to the board of directors and membership of the Vietnam Veterans of
America chapter 96 before the expiration period of our lease agreement, no later than, the 1
day in September 2007 for approval by them for renewal, if not sooner.  

Respectfully submitted by, Derek Boe Boeve, Legionnaire and member in good standing
of Sauls-Bridges Post 13 of the American Legion on this day 05/10/2007.

Posted 16 May 2007