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This site is a purely unofficial and temporary repository for web access to copies of certain documents related to Vietnam Veterans of America, Big Bend Chapter 96, Inc.  It is updated every day or two, so be sure to hit the "refresh" or "reload" button, whichever your browser has, in order to be sure to see the most recent information.

NEW 16 June 2007
SYNOPSIS OF ISSUES: A Comparison of Chapter 96's "New" Bylaws with Other Binding Laws and VVA Documents, and Recommendations for the VVA Chapter 96 Annual Meeting and Election
NEW 16 June 2007

A Call to Arms to VVA Chapter 96  (published 14 May 2007)

VVA Chapter 96 Articles of Incorporation  (filed 19 August 1983)

VVA Chapter 96 Amendments of Articles of Incorporation  (filed 28 June 1990)

Original Bylaws of VVA Chapter 96 (as amended 11 July 1989)

"New" Bylaws of VVA Chapter 96
  (Per minutes below dated 19 October 2006 "By-Laws presented, reviewed, passed, signed by the President to get to State."  I have been as yet unable to get anyone in a position of authority in Chapter 96 to clearly aver that these are, or are not, considered to be in effect as the present bylaws of VVA Chapter 96, so... I can only say that their status as to whether or not they are "effective" and if so, when, is unclear... and possibly subject to litigation.  Chapter 96 President John Petriello has provided proper notice that a vote on these bylaws will be considered at a special meeting of the Chapter 96 membership to be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of Chapter 96 which has been scheduled to be held at the Hootch, 241 Lake Ella Drive, Tallahassee, FL, at 7 p.m. on 21 June 2007.)

VVA Chapter 96 Meeting Minutes
19 October 2006 

Motion, American Legion Post 13 (10 May 2007)


VVA National Constitution

VVA Code of Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

VVA Florida State Council

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